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I want to start a business in China!

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I want to sell my products in China but don't know how.

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I want to expand my sales channels but don't know how to develop sales outlets.

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I want to know more about the local logistics and management methods.

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I want to eliminate the risk of contracts in the local language and payment collection troubles.

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I want to negotiate or deal with local people in Chinese.

Realize Your China Business in “One-Stop
With GoGlobal

1. Cross-Border EC​

  • Market research
  • Platform fixing
  • Store management
  • Sales service
  • Marketing service
  • Agency for establishment of local subsidiaries

2. Sales Channel Development

  • Market research
  • Contacting sales offices
  • Negotiation service
  • Contract agreement service

3. Establishment of a Local Subsidiary

  • Company Name Registration (State Administration for Market Supervision) WFOE (for foreign companies)
  • Selection, determination and registration of office addresses
  • Tax Management (CIT - Corporate, VAT (term))
  • Document management (certificates and official documents are prepared and documents need to be provided to the government on a case-by-case basis)

4. Accounting & HR BPO

  • Accounting operations (bookkeeping, issuing invoices, credit and debt management, payment procedures, taxation, etc.)
  • Personnel business (various types of insurance management, calculations, etc.)
  • Tax Advice
  • Annual audit support

5. Import Service

  • Arrangement of transportation company in Japan
  • Arrangement of customs clearance and import documents
  • Inspection
  • Arrangement with China Transportation Company
  • China Warehouse Management
  • Arrangement of transportation to China sales destination

6. Export Service

  • Arrangement of transportation companies in China
  • Arrangement of export documents
  • Arrangement of carriers in exporting countries

Begin your business in as little as 3 Months!

A professional local team with extensive experience in China is available to assist you

Why Choose
‍‍GoGlobal For Your China Business?

Market Research
We can conduct market research in 2-3 months, tailored to your needs, including market trends, consumer preferences, competition, and identification of potential sales destinations. We also guarantee 100% local sales contact.
Wide Range of Service Areas
We are able to offer proposals with a view to business development because we can handle all operations from export/import to post-sales operations.
Extensive Network
We will execute in daily collaboration with our local team in China, which has a proven track record of success in numerous client businesses. We encourage the right business development.
One-Stop Support for Your Business
We can provide support on a spot basis or as an all-in-one support service for entering the China market. Flexible, customized support tailored to client needs for your China business
Adherence to Compliance
We are committed to compliance and adherence to the local tax system in China.
Know-How for Success
Our team of experts has over 20 years of industry experience. We will support you in achieving your goals with the know-how we have accumulated over the years to help you succeed in business.

GoGlobal's Licensing Infrastructure

GoGlobal has numerous merchandise licenses. We are able to handle the following commercial products.

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Food & Alcohol

  • Prepackaged foods
  • Agricultural product
  • Health foods
  • Baby formula
  • Bottled Wine
  • Medical instruments
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Fashion & Beauty

  • Clothing
  • Gems & jewelry
  • Perfume
  • Cosmetics & skin care products
  • Shoes & hats
  • Underwear
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Machinery & Electronic Components/Devices

  • Agricultural machinery
  • Electronic equipment
  • Electronic goods
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Machinery & equipment
  • Computer hardware & auxiliary equipment
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Daily necessities

  • Arts, crafts & ceremonial objects
  • Office supplies, furniture, appliances, luggage toys
  • Animation & entertainment products
  • Plastic products
  • Rubber products
  • Industrial textile products
  • Culinary tools
  • Sanitaryware
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Software Services

  • Software
  • IT service
  • Technological development
  • Consulting services
  • Agency services

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Frequent Questions

Q1: I don't have a local subsidiary in China, can I start a business there?
No problem, you do not need a local subsidiary to enter the Chinese market, as GoGlobal's local subsidiary is responsible for closing the sale. The key to success in China is to establish a stable business operation that can manage online and offline platforms, operate multiple distribution channels, and begin selling directly to consumers. GoGlobal assists Japanese companies in establishing and managing local operations to enter the Chinese market until a local subsidiary is available.
Q2: What are the main services you can provide if you do not have a local subsidiary?
GoGlobal's offerings begin with local market research, and can facilitate everything from sales destination identification and negotiation/contracts to back-office employee recruitment, hiring, financial management, logistics and warehouse management, and more. From day one, clients can issue invoices, receive RMB payments, and sign local purchase and sales contracts. Once business has begun, we handle local payments and accounts receivable collections, create and sign local contracts, hire the core local business workers, and manage payroll. On top of that, we provide one-stop support for import and export documentation, customs clearance, product storage, and delivery management.
Q3: I would like to develop sales contacts in China. How long and with what results should I expect?
GoGlobal's market research services are typically completed in 2-3 months. At the end of the process, we will have narrowed down the list of potential clients to 3-5 companies, and depending on the client's needs, we will decide who to contact and begin discussions with. Therefore, we can guarantee that 100% of our clients will be in contact with a company or distributor.
Q4: What are the contract and payment schemes?
Through GoGlobal, you will sign contracts with companies in various cities in China and around the world. The content and procedure of the contract can be left to us. Payment and receipt of payment will also be made through GoGlobal.
Q5: If a product requires a license, can it be sold?
Licenses in China can be broadly divided into cases where the product requires a license and cases where the company itself requires a license. In most cases, licenses have already been obtained, but if a special license is needed, we can apply for an additional license. If your product requires a license, we can help you apply for the corresponding license.
Q6: I want to start e-commerce sales in China, can you support me?
We can help you select the best platform for your business. Because the Chinese e-commerce market is so large, we can assist you in the selection of a platform. We can also support you in setting up an e-commerce store, post-startup operations, shipping arrangements, and handling complaints.

Do you have additional questions?

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